I've always loved psychology, and user experience research is a great extension of that. From brainstorming how to design a study that minimizes bias, to those wonderful observations and surprises you encounter, I'm well-versed in both generative and evaluate user research.

Testing at Google

During my 3+ years on Google Operations, I did a few 20% projects in UX research. I designed, recruited for, and evaluated usability studies for:

  • socialization within Google Shopping
  • consumer setup experience for Google Fiber
  • merchant data input within Google Merchant Center

AltSchool (now Altitude Learning)

During grad school, I interned at AltSchool during its early days, where I did my first time lapse study. I observed individual and group classroom activities to explain to broader team what goes on in classroom.

Fluent City personas

Consulting project with a foreign language school for adults in NYC. Surveys and open-ended interviews to define personas and offer product recommenations.

UX Research as a Product Manager

With my background, I'm often involved in UX research initiatives even as I've formally transitioned in Product Management. I talk to users regularly, conduct usability testing directly or by coaching more junior members in this area, and overall I advocate for strong user-centered design practices.