Mask Making

When the CDC recommended that everyone should start wearing homemade masks, it was time to pull out the sewing machine. Thankfully, I had some fabric that I had been hanging onto, not wanting to give up on the idea that I could be a dress maker. I was finally able to put the fabric to good use, without even giving up on my dress maker identity!

Research: Though I didn't follow an exact pattern, I did research to get some tips. With no elastic, I knew I'd have to use the fabric as ties, too.

Attempt #1

Oops, I forgot to curve the top, so it either pushes into my eyes too much or won't cover my nose.

Attempt #2

I thought I could add an inner layer with a nose outlet, but didn't quite work, all the seems stick out and are itchy.

Attempt #3

I started from scratch and curved the top to fit my eyes. I still put an inner layer for extra protection, but I flipped it so the seams are inside. Success!

v3 CloseUp

I even added a wire to fit the mask around my nose - glasses won't fog now

Other fun!

How else have I been spending my time? Keep reading to see!

Greeting cards

I stocked up on markers, construction paper, stickers, and more, and have been "spreading joy" to friends and family. I've even pushed past traditional birthday cards to: housewarming, pet sympathy, random jokes, and even 'Happy Mental Health Month'.