Design meets need

At Stanford, I was trained in the full design process, from identifying market need, finding solutions, developing and iterating on the launch product. I've brought these processes into the corporate world through product management roles, and have evolved them into equitable and inclusive design methodologies.

I can't share the full process behind my corporate projects here, but you can see this info about some of my favorite projects from school, below.


A site designed to anonymously connect survivors of sexual assault. They would connect over an audio stream and a shared drawing canvas, so they could doodle and create something together while they talk.


A series of mobile app games, designed to get kids talking about and telling stories about emotions. Ultimately, this will help with their emotional development.


A mobile web app where you can broadcast upcoming plans to dormmates. If desired, friends can RSVP, so others can see who's going.

Emoticon Chat

We reimagined a way to express emotions in online communication. After brainstorming and selecting two ideas, we built working prototypes.

Rolls of the World

A series of stuffed toys. Each toy is a rolled-up blanket in the style of a food roll from its home country. These toys allow for multiple types of play and learning.

Toadette Stool

My undergraduate senior thesis. An ergonomic stool with the benefits of a yoga ball and the flexibiliy/mobility of an office chair.