Rolls of the World: Language learning stuffed animals for kids


The challenge: Design a stuffed toy to teach kids about other cultures and languages

What we did: Field studies to interview parents and watch kids play at home, analyzed, brainstormed, prototyped, presented findings to client

The result: A series of stuffed toys representing an edible roll from different cultures. The toys would unroll to discover a learning activity on the blanket, as well.

Awards: Class Honorable Mention

Duration: 10 weeks

Team: 5-10 students, led by Stanford Professor Bill Burnett

When: Summer 2008

Design process

1. Needfinding

Conducted parent interviews and child observations, analyzed data, distilled into design imperatives.

2. Brainstorming product concept

Sketched many ideas to satisfy design imperatives. Worked with client to choose final concept of 'Rolls of the World.'

3. The final prototype

I built our first prototype, Mr. Sushi the Japanese roll.